Lena Sjöberg

As a child I lay on the kitchen floor and drew perpetual motion machines and miniature golf courses, and realized that everything was in fact possible, in my imagination. The same feeling I still have. Imagination has no limits and it is fun to make things up! And the best of all; you never have to be bored if you only have a pen handy, and something to draw or write on.

Lena Sjöberg was born in Sandviken, Gästrikland, in 1970. Since graduating from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in 1996 she has been illustrating for magazines and advertising agencies while writing and drawing her own books. The children's book Tänk om… (What if…) received the Elsa Beskow plaque in 2011 and was adapted for film in 2014. Lena likes to work with both non-fiction books and made-up stories. For children and others.

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